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Lirik lagu: Tommy Gun

Ahh man
What you doing
What you doing

Call me motherfucking loser
But no I don't give a fuck
Because a nigga fucks better with a dick flying in like a vydra
Imma care free nigga
Pretty sure my money bigger
Let me show you better days with the long days nigga (what the fuck

Now my b's on the matter
I'm ready for chatter
My Oregon as a matter I'm better
But then still there's not a single man who won't worship n
Nigga going in like Michael on the circuit
Knowledge and reverse it
Anger and a cursive
Done with all the people (?) clickbaiting
Headlining news for the paycheck
Imma tell 'em fuck you
Cos I'm done with all the fallacy
Why the always @ me
Imma kill em all like I'm malorie

Yeah yeah
Oh shit man

But you thought I was done nigga
Imma blow you all away when I'm done nigga
Gold niggas wanna play get fucked nigga
If you don't wanna get fucked don't come nigga
Cos I'm tired of cold balls
Don't give away my number you dumb cunt
I'm like battlefront
Like a battlefield, either way I'm fucking up the field
Cos im a better field
I'm like carl Lewis losing any field
Nigga bullshit everyday
Everyday everyday
On de lay on the way it's not your day like

Overtime super bowl favourite everyone
Number one shooting me like your zombie one
No one likes me like the Tommy gun
I'm here for everyone

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